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Remaining necrological documents in City collections

Necrology of the Bruges Minorik’s Monastery, ca. 1515-1530

Paper and parchment (183 folios), original decorated leather binding on oak boards, with copper caps and remainder of a leather thong, ca. 29 x 21 cm, the original text is decorated with red and blue capitals but was later completed with data about medieval brothers and benefactors of the monastery. The necrology was used until ca. 1700.

Oud Archief, serial no. 468, Recolletten

Obituary of the Bruges Church of St Donatian, first half of the 16th century

Parchment (108 folios), original decorated leather binding on two pigskin boards, ca. 29.5 x 20.5 cm, the manuscript is decorated with calendar indications in red. The text is based on two older obituaries.

Oud Archief, serial no. 446: Kerk en kapittel Sint-Donaas

Obituary and annual memory register of the Bruges beguinage, first half of the 15th century

Paper (originally ca. 200 folios, incomplete), damaged original leather binding on parchment, ca. 28.5 x 20 cm. The text is decorated with calendar indications in red. The register is slightly damaged.

Oud Archief, serial no. 494: Begijnhof

Calendar (necrology) of the Bruges Carthusian monastery Genadedal, 1635

Paper (184 written folios), parchment binding on cardboard, 32 x 20 cm. The register contains the names of all persons commemorated in the monastery, as from the new foundation in the Bruges Langestraat (1635) until its suppression (1783).

Fonds Gilliodts , prov. no. 201

Membership register of the Bruges guild of Our Lady of Hulsterlo, 1410

Parchment, 24 folios, parchment binding, 22 x 16 cm, including a memorial list of this religious brotherhood on folios 20-24, without dates of death.

Oud Archief, serial no. 524: Gilde Hulsterlo

Membership list of the Bruges guild of Our lady of Hulsterlo, 1426

Parchment, 30 folios, parchment binding on oaken boards, 29 x 19 cm. Including a memorial list on folios 15-28, partially copied from the register of 1410, but completed until the 16th century.

Oud Archief, serial no. 524: Gilde Hulsterlo

“Register Book” of the Bruges ‘Bethanië’ monastery, 1744

Paper, 213 folios, cardboard binding, 38 x 24.5 cm, including the annual memory register of this Augustinian nunnery, located in the Carmersstraat. The annual memory register contains exclusive data about the monastery’s benefactors.

Oud Archief, serial no. 479: Bethanië

Martyrology (12th century) with necrology (15th century) of Ter Doest abbey, Lissewege

Parchment, bundle of 178 folios, 16th century binding of parchment on cardboard, 27.3 x 20 cm. Liturgical manuscript, intended for reading in the chapter. The late medieval necrology (end of the 15th century) on folios 1-18 was probably added to the manuscript in the 16th century.

City Public Library, ms. 395